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Brooklyn Women's Flag Football
If you likeFOOTBALL and want to have FUN
Play in the BWFFL

However, the LEAGUE went belly up.... Women are still playing in Long Island more info later.

For more infomation about Women's Flag Football in general Call Diane Beruldsen at (305)293-9315

Basic Rules of Play
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GENERAL: The game is played on a high school football field 100 yards in length and 50 yards in width. Two flags are worn and a junior sized football is used. Flags must be worn at the sides, shirts must be tucked in pants that fully contrast the flag colors. (Red flags are really hard to see on orange pants.) Shoulder pads and helmets are illegal, but light body proctection (ie: knee pads, forearm pads) is allowed. Each team has an eight person offensive and defensive unit. We don't have extra point or field goal kicks but we have kickoffs and punts.

KICKOFFS: The kicking team lines all eight players on the thirty yard line and is allowed to cross the line as soon as the ball is kicked. The receiving team must have 5 people on the opposing 30 yard line and they are allowed to move as soon as the ball is kicked.If they catch it and then drop it is a fumble. Fumbles are considered dead balls at the point the fumble occurred. (This prevents alot of injuries that used to occur in the scramble followed a fumble.) If the receiving team touches the ball but does not catch it is not considered a fumble but a live ball.

PUNTS: Both teams are on the line of scrimmage but neither team is allowed to cross until the ball is kicked.

OFFENSE: There must be 5 people on the line of scrimmage at the start of a down. They are not allowed to move until the ball is snapped. You cannot line two receivers on the line of scrimmage on the same side. It's fine if the extra receivers line up in the slot or flank positions. On passing plays the center and guards cannot be down field more than 1 1/2 yards from the line of scrimmage. If they are, it is a 5 yard penalty.
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DEFENSE: Contact is allowed within the first 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. The entire defense is allowed to move but cannot cross the neutral zone or make contact before the ball is snapped. If a defender is in the neutral zone when the ball is snapped, it is offsides and a 5 yard penalty. After 5 yards contact with a receiver is considered interference and is a 15 yard penalty. Tackling is not allowed and is a 15 yard penalty. Pushing people out of bounds ( and making no effort to go for the flag) is considered tackling and is a 15 yard penalty.

Like cycling, live in NYC, maybe you're doing the AIDS ride and want to continue your riding--- a team for women forming soon in Brooklyn. Want to more info, email me.

For other New York sports info check out New York Sports On-Line
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